Governance Education

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Lesson Educator Offering Type Offering Date Live Event Offering
Governance: Rules of the Road Ben Lindekugel Webinar Jan. 23
Finance 101 Andrew Busz & Tom Evert Webinar April 2
Ethics & Conflicts of Interest Taya Briley Webinar April 15
The Board’s Role in Leading Safety & Quality Steve Gordon Live April 29 & 30 CEO & Trustee Summit
PHD Laws: Opportunities & Restrictions Oskar Rey Live June 26 Chelan
Quality & Carrying Out the Board’s Duty of Care Jeff Sconyers Live June 25 Chelan
Financial Oversight & Challenges Dennis Stillman Live June 25 Chelan
Fundamentals of Community Engagement Karma Bass Live June 25 Chelan
I Have a Quick Legal Question: Perspectives from General Counsel Jennifer Burkhardt, Jim Fitzgerald & Jake Kempton Live June 25 Chelan
The Board’s Role in Advocacy Jacqueline Barton True & Shirley Prasad Live June 24 Chelan
Open Public Meetings Act, Public Records Act 101 Oskar Rey Webinar Sept. 24
Certificate of Need Jody Carona Webinar Sept. TBD
Health Disparities Programs Live Oct. 9 Annual Meeting
Intro to Risk Management Parker, Smith & Feek Live Oct. 10 Gov Ed Day
CEO Performance Evaluation & Compensation Jim Gauss Live Oct. 10 Gov Ed Day
Advocacy Bootcamp Chelene Whiteaker & Shirley Prasad Live Oct. 10 Gov Ed Day
Asking the Right Questions: How Boards Can Assess Cyber Security Tim Bloechl Live Oct. 10 Gov Ed Day
Gauging Quality Performance: Using Data to Drive Improvement Webinar Nov. TBD