Commissioner Resources

Running for office, or know someone who is? Or, are you a newly elected Public Hospital District Commissioner?

Click here to view our June 8, 2017 AWPHD webcast for those new to governing Public Hospital Districts! Download the presentation from the event here.



Local Elections: A Guide for Public Hospital Districts

Thursday, July 19, 2012
1:00 -2:00 pm | Pacific

Washington Public Hospital Districts


Discussion Guide for PHDs


Public Hospital Commissioner Guide

This guide is designed to assist commissioners in determining the scope of their duties responsibilities under the law, provide a general overview of public hospital district law, and help answer other frequently asked questions regarding overall district operations.


Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Compliance Guide for Health Care Boards or Directors


The Role of the Public Hospital District Commissioner


AWPHD Legal Manual

AWPHD Legal Manual is designed to provide analysis of the body of law which has significant bearing on the creation and operation of
public hospital districts in the state of Washington.


Sample CEO Evaluation Forms


Modal Documents


Board of Commissioners Conflict of Interest/Code of Ethics Statement